Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer

Baba Ji is the vashikaran specialist astrologer providing his services throughout the world. He is very popular vashikaran astrologer of India. The meaning of vashikaran is to attract someone whom you want or love. This technique is popular from ancient times and in the history of Indian astrology there have been lots of vashikaran experts who helped people to come out of various problems related to love, career or marriage. There are lots of problems for which the vashikaran expert can be contacted like vashikaran to convince parents for love marriage, vashikaran to convince parents for inter community or inter caste marriage solve love problems, vashikaran to get your love back and vashikaran for growth in career or money. People use to do vashikaran for many other problems like property issues, family issues and to control the enemies.

These all problems can be easily handled by the Tantrik Guru Ram Das Baba Ji, who is world no. 1 vashikaran specialist astrologer. He is vashikaran specialist and doing vashikaran for many years. The people benefited by his astrology are spending their life happily and without problems.

Black Magic Specialist Astrologer

The name black magic itself states the meaning. In India it is also called as kala jadoo. This is a branch of astrology which is popular in India since long back. In ancient time the use of this technique was done to relive the person who is suffering from miseries. This technique is not in everybody’s hand, it can be performed only by black magic specialist astrologer. This technique is used to handle depression, feeling of inferiority and many family disputes. There are some people who is jealous of your success and property, they cannot bear your good family life so they use some techniques to disturb you. These disturbances can be treated by contacting Tantrik Guru Ram Das Baba Ji, who is known black magic astrologer and practicing his astrology in this field. He is well known black magic expert throughout India. He is known as black magic specialist astrologer in various countries. He can help you to get rid of such kind of problems. After using the services of the black magic specialist astrologer you will feel relaxed and also will achieve the success in your life.  This technique is used generally for the selfish purpose, so the approach and tricks given by black magic specialist astrologer will be self centric or egocentric. There are lots of people who are practicing this astrology but out of them few knows the actual methods of using it. The use of black magic have been very well done by Baba Ji since 40 years. So only he can provide the actual essence of this astrology to people.

There are various mantra, tantra and totka used by the black magic specialist astrologer, to success the process of black magic. This technique is generally used by the person who is jealous to someone’s success and don’t want him to see with happiness. The person wants to make his enemy suffer, so he always use the tricks or totke given by the black magic specialist astrologer, to make his enemy suffer. Generally the use of black magic is not a positive method, as it is used by many negative people to do bad things. Though some nice people are also using this magic for positive things, but the maximum cases are of negative thing. The huge discipline and patience are required to use thing technique. The various mantras, totke and tricks used in this astrology should be properly done.

If we analyze the success of this technique the Baba Ji is the one man army, using this technique and can achieve the results. He is well kwon in India for many years in this field, where he is providing his services with success in black magic. The people after using this science are happily spending their life with the blessing of Tantrik Guru Ram Das Baba Ji. As his popularity as a black magic specialist astrologer is increasing day by day in India and foreign countries, he has achieved the level of  black magic specialist astrologer.

Black Magic Astrologer in India

Bring Happiness in Your Life With The Help Of Black Magic Specialist

Human heart has various kinds of desires/ dreams and does everything to attain all those. But sometimes we fail to get what we want. Are you one of those who have tried a lot to get your love back in your life or done lots of hard work to attain the good level in business/career! But still if you are unable to do all these then one of the most successful solution is “Black Magic”. It contains supernatural powers which assure to give what you are looking for.

These days’ people are facing lots of issues in their life such as problems in marriage life, failure in career, love issues and many more. They often search for perfect solution. Thus we bring the solution for you which will definitely bring good results within few weeks or months. Black magic spells help you to attain your aims and change your life from one of deprivation to that of sumptuousness and luxury, from cruelty to beauty and charm. Before taking the assistance of black magic spells, make sure to execute it with depth knowledge in this field or under the direction of Black magic specialist.

Black Magic Spell Specialist brings happiness To Your Life….

Today problems in love relationship are quite common. However, it has seen that even in some situations, the issues might cross the limits and can’t be controlled by the partners or may lead to divorce or break-up. In that case, a Black Magic Spell Specialist can provide you help by resolving the issue and bring the love back in partners. There are several love spells, if implemented with a great perfection; the partner may be attracted back. Such strategies and completely safe. Besides love issue, people also face other types of issues as well in their life. The issues could be of love related, finance, health issues etc. There are many people who don’t have any solutions to face such issues. Such issues can be cleared with the assistance of the Black Magic Specialist. Experts use the magical power and execute those powers with the right steps which help to resolve all your small and complex problems.

If you are thinking that your problem can’t be solved by anyone then don’t get upset. Just make a call to our Astrologer and tell him everything about your worst situation, we assure that our Baba Ji will analyse the entire situation and come out with a best solution. He is well known Black Magic specialist in India and serving in same industry from several years.

To have more information related to Black Magic spells, please feel free to call Baba Ji or send email.

Black Magic Spells

Black Magic Spells – Effective & Efficient Solution Of All Problems

What is Black Magic?

Black magic is referred to the use of powerful spiritual forces of universe for solving several of issues. It has become the most reliable source to get rid off number of problems that people are facing either in their personal life or professional life. Few years back, people consider the black magic in the wrong form and take it as a sin. But now in this modern world, black magic becomes the interesting phenomenon which is mostly performed by professional astrologers or black magic specialists.

The power of black magic spells assists you to solve various problems that otherwise very tough to resolve such as get your ex back, win the heart of person, develop a strong future in career and many more.

What is Black Magic Spells?

Black magic spells are very powerful and require lots of practice and experience. Without the proper knowledge of these spells, the result can be very dangerous. Thus be careful while performing these spells and use them under the supervision of experienced black magic specialist. Here you can discover the names of few black magic spells that can be implemented to make your life smooth and problem free.

Have a look on following black magic spells:

  • Resurrection Spells, Banishing Spells, Energy Spells
  • Binding Spells, Conjuring Spells,
  • Nightmare Spells, Power Spells,
  • Bad Luck Spells, and Misfortune Spells

If you are going through a bad phase of life or wanted to improve your marriage life or have any other issue, then it is suggested to use the power of black magic once so that you can see how this magic provides wonderful benefits.

How to get the benefits of real black magic spells?

Most of the people are looking for the ways to get the solution for their problems and try number of method.  But at last find no outcome. If you also get tired by using all these then take a step towards real black magic spells. Before executing these spells make sure to do lots of analysis and learn the maximum amount regarding these skills because lack of knowledge can be harmful and provide opposite results. An alternative choice is to seek out a black magic specialist, who has lots of expertise in real black magic spells  which is useful to direct you in the correct way to implement them. If you want to know where you can found the best astrologer or black magic expert then here is the name of world famous and highly experienced astrologer i.e. “Baba Ji”. Number of people from worldwide has already taken the benefits of his astonishing services and living their life happily.

Whether you are unhappy with your married life and want your love relationship smoother, this is the only way where you can convert your unhappy life to a pleasant environment.  Don’t be late and contact “Baba Ji” Today to get the solution of your any problem.

Lottery number specialist astrologer

Lottery Number Specialist Astrologer

Lottery Number Specialist Astrologer

The use of totke to win lottery is getting popular these days. There are many astrologers who provides the lottery winning totke. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is known as a lottery number specialist astrologer. He is also famous as lucky lottery no. specialist. Here are some lottery winning totke mentioned below, suggested by Tantrik Guru Baba Ji:

  • The Navnath Shabar Mantra Sadhana can be done to win money in lottery, gambling and share markets.
  • By taking 5 flowers of any kind and after applying Sendur on them, place the small piece of Jaggery and keep it next to the flowers. Then the chanting of the Navnath Shabar Mantra is recommended for 27 times looking at the flowers, then immerse the flowers and the Jaggery into a flowing water.
  • Pray for the victory after writing Bagalamukhi yantra on a bhoj patra with Ashta Gandha on a Tuesday. This mantra can be written on copper plates or Steel plates.
  • The Bagalamukhi Yantra is a highly effective mantra with the maximum power is generated from the planet Mars. It helps in getting victory over ones adversaries in law suits. It also protects from scars, wounds, operations and accidents.
  • Pray by using dhoop or agarbatti and Gugal to the yantra. 250 gms of white sweet- kheer, pedha is placed near and after the puja, feed it to mice and make sure that they will eat it. Tie the yantra to your right arm.

 Lottery number specialist astrologer

The power of future prediction lies with the astrologers. Horoscope is the mirror which can be read by the astrologer to predict the lucky number, color then also the best in it. The lottery number specialist astrologer is the one who use his knowledge like Vedic astrology, numerology is the way to know about the lucky number in lottery. In India there are huge beliefs in astrology among the people who participate in lottery for choosing the number by knowing their lucky number. There are lots of lucky lottery number specialists worldwide, providing the service where they assist person to know the lucky number and plan to go for lottery. These specialist of astrology by analyzing the kundli and date of birth to provide the best help to win lottery or gambling. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji can predict what is lucky and what is unlucky for the person. He is the best lottery number specialist astrologer.

Lucky number specialist

The person who is known as Lucky number specialist is the experienced person who can tell about the lucky number that can helpful in winning the lottery. The kundli or Horoscope of all the 12 zodiac sign is for each person different according to their date of birth and name. The main role of astrologers are to produce a skilled vision about astrology of the person that circulates positive vibes among the society. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is perfect in suggesting lucky no to win lottery and also famous as lucky no. specialist.

Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa problem solution astrologer can help a person by checking horoscope or kundli, the positions of stars and planets which are obstacles in getting visa for permanent or small time settlement in abroad. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is known for his consultation and for providing definite solution regarding the problem of visa and immigration. He is popular as visa problem solution astrologer, as he uses his astrology for getting visa. There solution should be done to reduce the negative effects of malefic planets, so that the positive effects from good combination of stars can be achieved. The yog of videsh yatra can define the time interval of a person to live abroad.  Some astrological combination are mentioned below which will support videsh yatra yoga for settlement abroad;

  • If Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu is located in 4thhouse of horoscope or kundali can generate videsh yatra yoga, so the possibility of getting visa increases. But along with these the support from other planets is also required so make this yatra possible.
  • There is huge importance of 9thhouse The 9th Lord in 4th or 12th house can generate this yoga.
  • The foreign settlement is shown by 12thLord in 7th house or 4th house, there is possibility of getting permanent visa and permanent settlement.
  • With the presence of supporting yogas, if strong Moon or Venus is present in 12thhouse or moon in 7th house also shows the strong possibilities to settle the native abroad if other are present.

Due to friendship of Rahu with Saturn, Venus and Mercury, the possibility of getting visa or foreign settlement is easy. There are some remedies, if performed the chances of getting visa ill increase and also help in exploring new opportunities for foreign settlement.

  • Rahu Stotra

Rahu Strota is meant to please Rahu and to turn it in the favorable condition. Chanting the Stotra balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and leads to the removal of obstacles on the way of getting visa for foreign yatra.

·         Beej Mantra of Rahu

The regular chanting of Rahu Beej mantra is beneficial. The praying and asking Rahu for his blessings can make a way towards success. If chanting for 18000 times in the span of 40 days is done, the miracles can happen. The mantra is “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah”.

·         Donating Things

On saturdays the donation should be done of Urad dal and coconut to the leprosy sufferers or poor people will prove to be best way to impress Rahu.

·         Saturday Fasting

Saturday fasting is for Rahu and it is also a way to impress him. It will prove to bring more possibilities to travel abroad.

·         Wear Gems and Rudraksha

To decrease the effect of Rahu the eight mukhi rudraksha and ‘Gomed’ or Cinnamon stone can be wear to reduce the malefic influence of Rahu and increase the auspicious effect.

·         Durga Saptshati

Chanting the Durga Saptshati is very beneficial in Rahu dasha. It is best remedy for Rahu effect. The mantra must be chanted for 18000 times. Puja of Rahu should be done at night with blue colored flowers and sandalwood.

Solve Career Problem by Astrology

Career Problem Solution Astrologer

Career Problem Solution Astrologer

Career problem solution astrologer helps in doing solution of various career related problems and also provide direction the career. The success in the career is the most popular question these days, because the current generation is quiet career oriented. Everybody wants stability and success in career. But in the working atmosphere there is lots of problems or hurdles a person can face. To solve career problem by astrology is very popular and successful these days. To solve career problems is being practiced since ancient times in every corner of the world. The person wants the solution regarding his/ her career, can contact Tantrik Guru Baba Ji who will guide you to solve career problem by astrology.

There are following career problems to which astrology provide solution;

  • Searching the right job
  • Claim promotion/ financial hikes
  • Stability and Satisfaction in current job
  • Getting job in multinational companies
  • Growth in career
  • Foreign jobs

The selection and growth in career is a big question these days. Astrology can play a big role in selecting and providing different solution for the growth in the career. In use of astrology for career growth is the best thing an astrologer can suggest. Astrologer can decide this after analyzing your horoscope, suggest instant effective remedies in solving all kinds of career problems. These remedies can be wearing of Kavach (Amulet) or doing puja or Yantra or Mantra Chanting. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji knows the best use of astrology for career growth, which leads into the growth in career and money for individual.

The planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in horoscope travelling in all 12 astrological houses, impacts in different way on the growth in career and money. The planet Saturn provides the insights about the work ethic and potential to perform quality service, also insights into bad karmas which may holding the person from growth.

The planet Jupiter to provide wealth and it may reveal problematic karma from past lives, in which the indiscipline was shown by the person for instructions of mentors or in which they have abused wealth. The planet Mercury is for commercial or business success. Mercury shows adaptability to new opportunities and to get best out of it.

In the horoscope 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th houses shows revelations about several money and career topics:

  • The income potential and money problems are indicated in 2nd house, in the horoscope.
  • The potential for gains through speculation and investments comes under 5th house
  • Possibility of receiving money is situated in 6th house
  • The business alliances and partnerships engagements is located in 7th House.
  • 8th house shows the possibilities of obstacles in achieving lottery or inherited money
  • 10th house decides about the career which will be beneficial and easier to achieve.
  • The profit or loss and obstacles in enjoying/ proper use of money is described by 11th House in horoscope.

By analyzing above houses the astrologer can examine the possibility of career that does not generate money. In astrology the possibility of planetary support to receive an inherited money or win a lottery can be explained. There is possibility that the wealth and money is regularly coming because of auspicious time in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 10th houses, but the 11 house is not in proper influence, there will be no fulfillment of desires and the person will never be able to enjoy the wealth he earned.

So the recommended basic diagnosis tools by an astrologer to detect good and bad planets is really important. There are lots of remedies an astrologer can suggest which can provide relief from the bad effects of these planets. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji possess potential to benefit a person with the sudden growth in career and money, as he solves the career problem by astrology.

Kamdev Mantra for Attraction in Hindi

Kamdev Mantra for Attraction in Hindi

Kamdev mantra is the best mantra to create love in the life. Kamdev mantra in Hindi is as following.

ओम नमो Bhagvate Kamdevaye, yasya yasya drishyo Bhavami, Yashch Yashch मां मुखम pashyati छलनी छलनी mohyatu swaha

Kamdev Mantra for Attraction

Kamdev Mantra for attraction is well known for solutions for love and sex problems. The mantra in Hindi is quiet effective to help a person to get positive effects. It has been used for past thousands of years, people admitted the unseen power. The Kamdev Mantra for attraction used by most of the people because they need a solution for their suffering from the love and sex, and this mantra is very effective for these problems. There will be shower of sex and love, when the person believe and chant this mantra regularly. There are lots of married people stressed because of their sex life or least interest of their partner towards them. There are many people who lost their love and praying to get it back. These mantras can help those people and bring a hope to their lives. The main principle of Kamdev Mantra for attraction is to create the environment of sex and love with the desired partner. There are many problem just after marriage, because no one can force other partner for love and having sex.

So this mantra is helping people to come out of darkness, but the regular chanting is required for the success of this mantra.

Kamdev Mantra

“Om Namo Bhagvate Kamdevaye, yasya yasya drishyo Bhavami, Yashch Yashch mum mukham pashyati tammy tammy mohyatu swaha

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Mantra

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Mantra

In Hinduism it is said that, on the eve of Krishna Paksh, all the souls accept and eat the food made by their children, this occasion is known as Shraad. So some people don’t organize this occasion for their Pitras, in results they suffers from the curse of “Pitra dosh”. Due to which their Pitras become unsatisfied and come back to their world. So the next generation have to face many problems, this is called as “Pitra Dosh”. This comes in horoscope when Sun is placed with Rahu in 9th and 5th house. If Rahu is posited in 1st (ascendant) and 2nd house, then also it is called “Pitra Dosh”. There are lots of astrologers providing puja for pitra dosh nivaran. Among these name of Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is well known specialist of this puja, to make people free from the malefic effects of pitra dosh.

Pitra dosh effects can be seen easily on the people suffering from it. This condition makes a person miserable and his growth will be hindered by many factors. There are some pitra dosh effects mentioned below;

  • Failure in education and delay in growth of career
  • The marriage delay in the family
  • Repeated miscarriage or problem in conceiving
  • In the family there will be accidents or sudden deaths
  • Prolonged illness to the family members
  • Family disputes
  • Poverty and financial crisis
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Lots of debts

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is used to heal the bad effects of Pitra Dosh. The person plan this puja in the following ways;

  • On Akshaya Tritiya donate food, needful items or money to poor people.
  • We can also donate charitable things to the poor or needy on Akshaya Tritiya, which falls on April 21, 2015,Tuesday, to please our Pitra which I have mentioned in my article Auspicious or inauspicious Yoga or Dosha period under the heading Akshaya Tritiya on this website.
  • Puja, Vrat on Falharini Kalika Jyeshtha Amvashya 
  • The puja named Falharini Kalika puja is done to destroy the bad effects of the paap karma or Pitra dosha of the human beings.
  • Goddess Kali or ma Kalika is worshiped by the devotees, by fasting and doing Shodashi puja bhoga. On this puja the temples of the Goddess Kali is decorated to please the Goddess Kali. This is best thing for Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja.

In Pitra Dosh puja there are lots of efforts required but if a person can chant the pitra dosh nivaran mantra, it can also help to reduce malefic effects of pitra dosh. The pitra dosh nivaran mantra can be chanted daily and is very effective. It is as follows;

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Mantra

In Hindi:-

“ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय”

In English

“Ohm Namo Bhagawate Vasudeway”

In Hindi

“ऊँ श्री सर्व
पितृ दोष निवारणाय कलेशम् हं हं सुख शांतिम् देहि फट

In English:-

“Ohm Shree Sarva

Pitra Dosh Nivarnaay Kaleshm Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Fat


Shani Sade Sati Remedies or Shani Sade Sati Upay

Shani Sade Sati Upay

The Hindu astrology, shows that, if a person is going through Shani sade sati suffers from lots of problems associated with health, finance and career problems.

It is defined as a 7½ year of Saturn (Shani Dev) in a horoscope. In Hinduism the God of justice is Shani Dev and gives the results of good and bad karmas.

Sade Sati Totke in Hindi

  • साढ़े की परेशानी से बचने के लिए नियमित हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ करना चाहिए।
  • इस ग्रह दशा से बचने के लिए काले घोड़े की नाल की अंगूठी बनाकर उसे दाएं हाथ की मध्यमा उंगली में पहनना चाहिए।
  • शनि देव को शनिवार के दिन सरसों का तेल और तांबा भेट करना चाहिए।

Shani Ki Sade Sati

When the way of Shani (Saturn) transits through the 1st, 12th and 2nd house from the Natal Moon, in that situation the horoscope is called as possessed with Shani ki Sade Satti. The total time taken by Saturn is 2.5 years to pass through each zodiac sign, due to which its movement through 3 zodiac signs takes 7.5 years. The problems can come in business, jobs, marriage, serious diseases and many more. It also can lead into sad, lazy, fear, dishonest, irresponsible and drug addict nature in individual. The cycle of Sade Sati repeats about 2-3 times in whole life. It can repeat itself after every 25 years. By doing practice in astrology for many years Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is professional in dealing with sadi sati puja, which can reduce the bad effects of this problem.

Shani Sade Sati Remedies or Shani Sade Sati Upay

Shani Sade Sati remedies or Shani Sade Sati Upay to reduce the malefic effects:

  • By praying lord Hanuman: According to Hinduism, Shani Dev can be impressed through the worship of Lord Hanuman. The prayers if done on Tuesdays or Saturdays, can reduce the risks of bad effects of Sade Sati.
  • Donating black color things on Saturday: If some items like mustard oil, black clothes or black til is given to Shani temple on Saturday, it will also reduce the bad effects of sade satti.
  • Distribute food: If a chapatti or other vegetarian food is given to black dog on Saturday, it will also be beneficial for Sadi sati effects.
  • Avoid alcohol: the consumption of alcohol especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays, can make Shani Dev angry.
  • Tie horse shoe: A black horse shoe if tied on the main entrance of the house, will prove to be best remedy to reduce sade sati effects.
  • Chanting: by chanting Hanuman chalisa, Shani mantra (om sham shanicharaya namah), and Mahamritunjay mantra can reduce the risk of sadi sati effects.
  • Wear black clothes: Black is the color of Shani Dev, so on Saturdays if a person wear black, can to be beneficial to avoid bad effects of sade sati.
  • Praying lord Shiva and lord Hanuman can be an effective Shani Sade Sati Upay.
  • Doing yagya and worship Shani Dev is also a remedy for Shani Sade Sati.
  • Chant sacred Shani mantra 23000 times
  • By giving time, support and money, give Shani daan.
  • Doing dhayan or yoga for mental, physical and spiritual clearing
  • Respecting the gurus and brahmins
  • Donate food and other needful things
  • Doing voluntary service for poor and old people.
  • Wearing blue sapphire known as Saturn’s gem
  • By wearing horse shoe ring or tabeej