Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli – Foreign Travel Horoscope Prediction

Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

A visit to foreign country is a dream of many people, reason can be a luxury lifestyle or to earn lots of money. This dream is not as easy as many of them cannot achieve the goal of going abroad. How to avail videsh yatra? Do my kundali possess any videsh yatra yog? These are getting popular questions these days, so here are some parameters upon which the visit of foreign trip depends. Also there are some predictions, which will help people to achieve their aim of visiting abroad. If you are facing obstacles in videsh yatra, consult Tantrik Guru Baba Ji who is well known specialist providing solution for the videsh yatra yog.

Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli/ Horoscope

Kundli or horoscope or janam patri can show the possibility of videsh yatra yoga. The videsh yatra yog in kundli can be predicted by, if the house no. 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th is showing the auspicious planets for videsh yatra. In some extent house no. 4 is also gives the foreign travel prediction.

The videsh yatra yog in horoscope is well explained as below;

  • In kundli, 8th house is of long age and legacies. This house determine the possibility of travelling abroad. In the 8th house if there is presence of malefic planet that indicates the possibility of foreign travel.
  • The 12th house in kundli denotes the life away from home. If the 12th house lord is unfavorable from ancestor, it indicates foreign travels.
  • Also if in the 9th house, a dual-natured sign such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces or a movable sign like Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are present, it will increase the possibility of foreign yatra yog.
  • If in the foreign travel astrology, the lord of the house of marriage is in 7th house associated with 8th, 9th or 12th house, it also shows the possibility of after marriage foreign travel.
  • In other words, Chandra and Rahu are the important of videsh yatra yoga. Where Chandra represents Yatra and Rahu represent the outer world, in the presence of these effects, the dream of videsh yatra is possible.
  • If horoscope possess kaalsarp dosh, it also increase the possibility of foreign travel. This is because kaalsarp make the person unstable, which leads the possibility of videsh yatra.
  • In the 4th or 10th house of kundli, if Sun or Moon is present, it also denotes the career in foreign and nearby the sea.
  • The presence of Sade sati in kundli is also a major factor, as many people get chance to fly abroad.
  • The Jupiter’s impact in 9th, 10th or 12th house results in the increase in the chances to travel abroad.

Although including above there are many more combination of planets in foreign travel astrology which increases the knowledge about foreign trip.

Foreign Travel Astrology

The foreign travel astrology is associated with the study of planetary combination in the horoscope of a person to give foreign travel predictions. The small description of rules of astrology which are responsible for foreign travel as follows;

  • When the dasha of planet is in association with the planet Moon
  • Presence of dasha of Moon, Rahu or Moon in 12th house of natal chart
  • If the dasha of exalted planet is present
  • Presence of sub-dasha of Rahu and Ketu in the main Rahu dasha
  • If the presence of sub-dasha of Jupiter (12th lord) is there in dasha of Saturn

As mentioned above, 9th and 12th houses represent the possibility of traveling long distances and also shows the life away from home. So, when the lords of these two houses with Jupiter/Moon/Rahu are in mutually combined, leads to the strong yoga for definite foreign travel.