Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa Problem Solution Astrologer

Visa problem solution astrologer can help a person by checking horoscope or kundli, the positions of stars and planets which are obstacles in getting visa for permanent or small time settlement in abroad. Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is known for his consultation and for providing definite solution regarding the problem of visa and immigration. He is popular as visa problem solution astrologer, as he uses his astrology for getting visa. There solution should be done to reduce the negative effects of malefic planets, so that the positive effects from good combination of stars can be achieved. The yog of videsh yatra can define the time interval of a person to live abroad.  Some astrological combination are mentioned below which will support videsh yatra yoga for settlement abroad;

  • If Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu is located in 4thhouse of horoscope or kundali can generate videsh yatra yoga, so the possibility of getting visa increases. But along with these the support from other planets is also required so make this yatra possible.
  • There is huge importance of 9thhouse The 9th Lord in 4th or 12th house can generate this yoga.
  • The foreign settlement is shown by 12thLord in 7th house or 4th house, there is possibility of getting permanent visa and permanent settlement.
  • With the presence of supporting yogas, if strong Moon or Venus is present in 12thhouse or moon in 7th house also shows the strong possibilities to settle the native abroad if other are present.

Due to friendship of Rahu with Saturn, Venus and Mercury, the possibility of getting visa or foreign settlement is easy. There are some remedies, if performed the chances of getting visa ill increase and also help in exploring new opportunities for foreign settlement.

  • Rahu Stotra

Rahu Strota is meant to please Rahu and to turn it in the favorable condition. Chanting the Stotra balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and leads to the removal of obstacles on the way of getting visa for foreign yatra.

·         Beej Mantra of Rahu

The regular chanting of Rahu Beej mantra is beneficial. The praying and asking Rahu for his blessings can make a way towards success. If chanting for 18000 times in the span of 40 days is done, the miracles can happen. The mantra is “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah”.

·         Donating Things

On saturdays the donation should be done of Urad dal and coconut to the leprosy sufferers or poor people will prove to be best way to impress Rahu.

·         Saturday Fasting

Saturday fasting is for Rahu and it is also a way to impress him. It will prove to bring more possibilities to travel abroad.

·         Wear Gems and Rudraksha

To decrease the effect of Rahu the eight mukhi rudraksha and ‘Gomed’ or Cinnamon stone can be wear to reduce the malefic influence of Rahu and increase the auspicious effect.

·         Durga Saptshati

Chanting the Durga Saptshati is very beneficial in Rahu dasha. It is best remedy for Rahu effect. The mantra must be chanted for 18000 times. Puja of Rahu should be done at night with blue colored flowers and sandalwood.

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